Quick lunch by our left

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  • quick march, by the left: a military command
  • So let us follow them quick lunch: the First-Draft version of this phrase → the narrator is inviting us to follow the children as they make their way home to HCE's tavern after the games of the previous chapter
  • quick lunch: O Henry, The Four Million 44, "Between Rounds": "'Twas hasty puddin', as ye say," said her husband, "and hurry-up turnips and get-a-move-on-ye coffee. 'Twas what ye could call a quick lunch, all right, and tell no lie."
  • Hither let us as we have rest and followed them, quick lunch, buy our lefts, halt, ...: the Second-Draft version of this passage
  • lurch to the left: a sudden shift in one's politics towards socialism → the reference to totalitarianism in the first paragraph